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Larry Ruttman will teach "Writing Your Own Memoir, A Path to a Brighter Future" at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill from August 14 to 18, 2023. Please see the following paragraphs for information about this distinguished facility teaching a broad spectrum of the arts. The course will be interactive and instructive on the art of writing memoir. It will also explore how the writing of a memoir will illuminate the meaning of your own life, deepen your appreciation of what you have accomplished and the personal characteristics which have made that possible, and inspire you to use them to follow a newly bright path to a never before dreamed of future.

The main course material is Larry's own memoir, Larry Ruttman: A Life Lived Backwards: An Existential Triad of Friendship, Inquisitiveness, and Maturation, and his book, Voices of Brookline. You do not need to purchase any materials for this course, but you should bring an iPhone or digital voice recorder for recording. You will learn the art of the interview by doing them. The course will include the actual writing of samples of memoir. The end result is that you will be prepared to write your own memoir for your family, friends, and associates, and further should ambition lead you there.

About the Truro Center for the Arts

Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill and Edgewood Farm--Celebrating 50 Years!

From the Truro Center for the Arts website:

Truro Center for the Arts provides opportunities for everyone seeking to explore, deepen or expand their engagement with the arts. We do this through offering workshops, teachers who are leaders in their fields, immersive residencies, gallery exhibitions, readings and performances. Truro Center for the Arts welcomes all who seek to explore their creativity and celebrate the arts. Our values: Accessibility – Our year-round workshops, online and in person, are safe, comfortable, and welcoming. Respect – Everyone who comes to Truro Center for the Arts will be treated with equity and dignity. We honor differences in cultural heritage, race, gender, ability and resources. Creativity – We manage programs and operations with rigor and creativity, conserving resources, broadening participation, and protecting the environment of our campuses.

Now we deliver up to 200 summer workshops at the Castle Hill and Edgewood Farm campuses; off-season, our Artist in Residence program, free workshops for Outer Cape residents and the annual International Encaustic Conference keep our studios and residences buzzing.

As we move forward, education, openness, and community remain our key values. Our year-round educational experiences fostering intellectual, creative, and personal growth in an open, inclusive artistic environment will continue far into the future. 

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