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Latest Book:

Intimate Conversations:
Face to Face with Matchless Musicians

For praise and other information on Intimate Conversations: Face to Face with Matchless Musicians, please click here to visit Praise for Larry's Books.



Latest Episode:

#55: What Seniors Surrender


Larry Ruttman will teach the first-ever course on the ABC’s of podcasting to be given at the nationally known Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill on Cape Cod from June 24-28, 2024. Please see the Teaching Page of this website for the course description. That page also provides information about this distinguished facility which teaches a broad spectrum of the arts. The course will be interactive and instructive on the art of the podcast, a facet of the communications revolution that has captured the attention of tens of millions worldwide. Larry Ruttman’s podcasts on diverse subjects with veteran broadcaster and podcaster, Jordan Rich, under the title of “A Life Lived Backwards: One Man’s Life” Larry Ruttman, will be used as a teaching tool. Larry believes podcasting illuminates the meaning of one’s own life, and life in all its aspects.

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