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Larry and baseball commissioner Bud Selig
Larry and the late litterateur, George Mitrovich
Larry and star catcher, Brad Ausmus
Larry talks baseball and books at NYU sports program
Larry and the late Phil Blazer of JLTV
Larry Ruttman on national tour
Larry, Alan Dershowitz, and Jeffrey Lyons after an event at the 92nd Street Y
Larry in his law office in Brookline, Massachusetts
Larry on the left with the crew on the play, “Jews on First,” adapted from his work.

“Jews and Baseball”: Interview with Rabbi Mark Golub on Shalom TV, May 23, 2013

Sportsbites: Larry Ruttman Talks about His Book American Jews and America’s Game, from the NYU Sports and Society Program, June 1, 2013


Podcast note:

We welcome back one of our favorite Renaissance men,  the inimitable Larry Ruttman. Larry has penned books about baseball, and Jewish American history along with a fascinating memoir covering eight-plus decades of his rich life.  His latest project is a book called Intimate Conversations: Face to Face with Matchless Musicians. We talk about conversations Larry has had with the world’s top classical artists, composers and conductors.  His work offers fresh insights into the hearts and minds of musical geniuses. And together we celebrate the lasting beauty and significance of classical music.

Interview with Pat Williams on “Inside the Game,” Part One, Part Two  

WORL-AM 660, Orlando, Florida, November 9, 2013


Larry Ruttman on Jews in Baseball: "The Lowdown with Ira Wood" (WOMR FM, Provincetown, Massachusetts), August 5, 2013


Rabbi Wechsler Teaches (Sirius XM Radio), June 3, 2013 (audio, 49 MB)

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